Metro PCS, Metro By T-Mobile, Metro PCS Performance

If you are an explorer of a prepaid service cell phone, then I think Metro PCS is for you. T-Mobile owns it. Metro by T-Mobile is fit for the bill such you desire;

Metro PCS, formerly T-Mobile, has reasonable prepaid wireless programs for a wide range of no-contract phones and devices. 

To have the right prepaid phone plan, Metro is the best for you as it offers you unlimited data at a 5G speed at a reasonable price.

What is the difference between T-Mobile and metro?

T-Mobile owns MetroPCS. Metro PCS is a prepaid service and delivers a broader range of programs than T-Mobile. The cost of it will be less than before. 

Metro works by using the GSM network of T-Mobile. So if you are a user of T-mobile, which runs on the network, your phone might be good to run until unlocked. After that, you need to buy a Metro SIM card. 

If you’re exchanging from Verizon, you may go into problems as both of those porters operate on CDMA.

Metro cell phones and devices

If you desire Apple or Samsung phones, you may fail to find one in most companies that provide prepaid cell phones as they don’t offer any latest phones like Apple and Samsung.

Then, in Metro PCS? 

Metro offers LG, Motorola, and other brands. The most popular brands, the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, are kept in Metro by T-Mobile. 

How good is Metro PCS performance?

Metro PCS operates T-Mobile’s network. The network is not as speedy as the others network provide. But it still covers 62% of your country’s location. After all, it relies on your location where you stay. The network mainly smoothes in urban range but little for rural areas.

 Study the coverage map to have a more suitable way of scope in your area. 

Range matters; GSM network reaches elevated scores when coming to speed. When we tested the network, it confirmed to deliver the promptest wireless speeds amongst the big 

three porters.

Can You just switch SIM cards between MetroPCS phones?

Yes, you can if it is legal. Switching the line set to a SIM card between devices is an honest service. It allows consumers to replace a lost or stolen device. SIM exchange fake occurs for assigning a new SIM card and mobile device without their permission. That means all kinds of unfair attempts are illegal. 

Metro by T-Mobile unlimited plans

You have two options for unlimited plans with Metro by T-Mobile. There are 35 GB of data caps per month, and both of these are pretty cheap. Below are all the details.

The company has a fixed price. The prices you see with Metro PCS involve taxes and regulatory fees. Since Metro is from T-Mobile, you wouldn’t hope for anything less because T-Mobile is known for incorporating taxes and fees into its advertising pricing, which is remarkable to all.

On the other hand, it is going on with its potential downside: poor coverage. For that, you should choose an unlimited plan to have a strong connection wherever you go.

 T-Mobile’s coverage is not as good as Verizon, Jugarnet, Metro. So you will still have a good connection in most urban areas.

Another downside is the risk of deprivation. It happens when the network owner, in this case, T-Mobile, decides to prioritize the data speed of some customers over others. As a result, Metro customers can end up behind the data connection line during network congestion.

Not to be confused with deprivation, data throttling is when your data slows down after you reach your high-speed data cap. For example, if you download more than 35 gigabytes of data a month via Metro, you may be a throttle.

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans

So, how does T-Mobile compare to the competition with unlimited data plans? Fees and taxes are already baked—points for honesty, Metro by T-Mobile.

The Metro-5G LTE is a massive thing for mobile hotspots. However, since 5G is still not a thing, you can translate it to “breakneck hotspot speed.” Once Metro launches its 5G coverage, hotspot speeds can be assumed to be as fast as the mind.

Source- MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review
MetroPCS Cell Phone PlanPriceNetwork
2G 4G LTE Data$30 per month, taxes and fees includedNationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
5GB 4G LTE Data$40 per month, taxes and fees includedNationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
Unlimited 4G LTE Data$50 per month, taxes and fees includedNationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
Unlimited 4G LTE Data + Hotspot on your handset$60 per month, taxes and fees includedNationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network
MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans

Customer services

I hope you have enough patience for waiting for support from the company. However, you have to be very pessimistic about Metro PCS in the term. 

Whom do you know that does not desire good support? I think you can not be affirmative. 

Wireless providers are infamous for poor customer service, and Metro is the same. If you keep your eyes on the reviews, you have many negative reviews. Most customers have complained about poor service both in the shop and over the phone.

Final Thought

After reading the whole article, I hope you can make a point about Metro PCS. How much have you positive for yourself the Metro? That’s all will depend on your requirement.

If you need a prepaid service, you can dive into Metro PCS. Though the customer service is deplorable, you may select one for its plans. Thoughtfully, their network is not wrong for an urban area. However, it provides a poor service for rural areas based on your location. To have the correct information about such kinds of products, connect OD Reports.